Make use of our range of powerful API's to SMS-enable your website or application. MyMobileAPI gives you the capability to deliver and receive messages from any application, instantly

Our Products API's

HTTP Post/Get >
Check your credit balance, send single or multiple SMSs, retrieve replies, histories, etc. MyMobileAPI also supports pushing data to your server via HTTP Post. You provide MyMobileAPI with a URL and we post to the URL you specified, upon receipt of a reply.

Our SMPP connection is ideal if you need to send out a high volume of messages each month, and need to do so at high speed. With an SMPP connection, you're continuously connected to our gateway, and the standard protocol requires no programming if you have SMPP software installed.

FTP Upload >
This is suitable for high volume messaging. The FTP upload facility allows customers to upload text files to a FTP server, and have the files automatically dispatched to message recipients

SQL (Windows Services) >
The windows service has been written to facilitate all the communication between a locally installed application and our SMS Gateway.

Web Services >
MyMobileAPI provides various functions to enable you to send/receive SMSs

Email to SMS >
Send SMS using an email client. This is best suited to low volume SMS Sending

Outlook to SMS >
Send SMSs using Outlook 2010. This is best suited to low volume SMS sending.